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seculution 2.0

What is new? 

How do you improve something that can no longer be improved by the fundamental principle?
Many suggestions and ideas that have been presented to our development team over the years. These are the foundation for seculution 2.0. On this page we provide an overview of the innovations.

„Above all, we wanted to prove once again that whitelisting does not generate any additional costs in day-to-day business. That's why we focused the new development on even greater automation and intuitive usability.“ 

Torsten Valentin
CEO seculution GmbH

Intuitive and modern UI

AdminWizard Dashboard

You can see at a glance what has happened on your seculution secured endpoints. Your starting point for administration and navigation in the whitelist is the dashboard of the new AdminWizard.

Whether client management, configuration options or automation, everything is displayed clearly and transparently in the dashboard. 

„Especially the setup of automations has always been a main topic in support. Now everything is in one convenient place - exactly where you are looking for it.“ 

Michael Tomala
Support seculution GmbH

What you see
is what you get.


No customisation of .config files or batch jobs. Everything you can set for the operation and automation of seculution can be done conveniently in the user interface of the AdminWizard.

You always have an overview at hand, without having to change the program. The simple configuration of the automation is self-explanatory.

„Integrating the TrustLevel database more closely into seculution was a logical step in the redesign of the server.
I think we have created a great product and administrators now have more control and much less work with managing your whitelist at the same time.“ 

Claus Avermiddig
Head Developer SL Server, seculution GmbH

Want an exception?

Fine-tuning the seculution-Cloud

Using the seculution cloud, it is possible to automatically add unknown and trusted hashes to your whitelist. This makes the administration of seculution very convenient, but still under your control.

But you don't want certain applications on your whitelist? Define exceptions that should not be learned from the cloud and keep full control over your software landscape.

Differences and Parallels

Because we cannot show all innovations in seculution 2.0 in pictures, here is an overview of the most important ones. You can, of course, convince yourself of the performance of seculution Application Whitelisting in a free trial at any time.

seculution 1.0seculution 2.0Features
Automated learning from the seculution-Cloud (TrustLevel-Database)
Exceptions for automatic learning from the TrustLevel database
Automatic learning based on trusted signatures
Accessing the whitelist during active learning modes
Simultaneous editing of the whitelist
Configuration of automations in the AdminWizard
Whitelist Server in the Cloud (optional)
Offline Learnmode
Dashboard View
(Single IP, IP-Range or AD-Object)
Selective Learnmode 
(Single IP, IP-Range or AD-Object)
Permanent Learn User (PLU)
Automatic Import of predefined directories
Automatic Whitelist Cleanup
Integrated Agent Deployment

System Requirements

Operating SystemVERSION
WindowsAll Versions ≥ XP SP3*All Server Versions ≥ Windows 2003*
Citrix compatibel
All Hyper Visor Platforms are supported4 CPUs (Recommended: 8 CPUs)
4 GB RAM (Recommended: 8 GB RAM)
8 GB hard disk space

* For old MS Windows versions (Windows NT4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP < SP3), a compatible, feature-limited version of the Agent can be provided on request.

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