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Awards for the seculution GmbH

Highly effective due to low complexity

Today's standard in network and endpoint security are increasingly complex defense strategies. No one really understands what modern security products really do and why they do it.

With application whitelisting, seculution goes the entirely opposite way. Anything that is not on the whitelist cannot be technically executed. The very fact that it is not necessary to know which things are dangerous makes application whitelisting more scalable and powerful than security solutions that rely on deep learning, heuristics or signature-based detection.

„All successful attacks of the past 24 months would have been prevented by simple measures such as application whitelisting.“ 

David Hogue
Technical Director NSA Cybersecurity Threat Operations Center

Exploit Prevention

seculution blocks all ransomware threats known worldwide. And all this without behavioral analyses or puzzling marketing promises. Anything that is not on the whitelist cannot be started. Not even with domain admin privileges.

Due to the simple and superior principle, even today still unknown ransomware and boot record attacks are reliably stopped. This fact alone makes seculution Application-Whitelisting the most powerful anti-ransomware technology ever.

Do not allow attackers to execute their code in the first place: seculution simply blocks the exploits and mechanisms used to spread malware, steal access data and circumvent heuristics. This means that hacker and zero-day attacks no longer have a chance of being executed on your computer network.


„Something like Locky can never happen again, thanks to seculution.“

Bernd Zimmer
IT Department, Lukas Hospital Neuss


The seculution Basis package includes the following features:


The basis for the protection of any corporate network.


Whitelisting has never been so easy. 


Secure even without a connection to the server.

Selective Learn Mode

Integrate new hardware during operation without compromising security.

Permanent Learn User

Your shortcut to everyday life. A specially authorised user or a group of users who can run unknown software.


Automatically import defined sources into the whitelist.

Active-Directory Integration

Use Application Control over your familiar MS-Active-Directory objects.

Integrated Agent Deployment

Who is secured, who is not?s...

Utilize the full potential!

These additional modules extend the seculution protection sensibly and offer even more comfort at the same time.


Do you know which USB devices are used in your network? Simply define with the device whitelist which device in your network can be used by which user, at which endpoints.


Enable users to encrypt their information on USB storage devices (AES256) and protect it with a personal password. Data Leakage Prevention can be implemented effectively and without additional software.

Next generation is the past

With seculution Application-Whitelisting you can replace your classic antivirus software. Even solutions with complex and often costly extensions such as deep learning malware detection, next generation anti-ransomware and anti-exploit technology are superfluous with a software whitelist.

System Requirements

Operating SystemVERSION
WindowsAll Versions ≥ XP SP3*All Server Versions ≥ Windows 2003*
Citrix compatibel
All Hyper Visor Platforms are supported4 CPUs (Recommended: 8 CPUs)
4 GB RAM (Recommended: 8 GB RAM)
8 GB hard disk space

* For old MS Windows versions (Windows NT4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP < SP3), a compatible, feature-limited version of the Agent can be provided on request.

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