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The seculution Guarantee 

No more malware!

We are not crazy, we believe in our product!

What do we guarantee?

Protection fails? → Money back!
Not satisfied? → Money back!

Protect your investment: seculution makes it possible with the world's first guarantee for an antivirus product. 

Guaranteed safety

The seculution cloud provides unprecedented security and convenience. With TrustLevel, every software is clearly evaluated. Malicious code has no chance of getting on your whitelist!

Guaranteed unique

Application whitelisting ensures that only software that has been classified as trustworthy can be executed. Anything else can no longer be executed.

Guaranteed satified

Satisfied customers are our main goal. Every prospective customer can fully test seculution in his network. With full support. If you are not satisfied with the service offered, you will get your money back.
No strings attached!

„Investment protection is a strong argument when it comes to any type of purchase,
especially with antivirus solutions. With traditional blacklist-based products, in addition to the damage caused by a successful attack, you have always lost the investment in an inefficient solution.“

Torsten Valentin
CEO and Founder of seculution

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