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About seculution

Application-Whitelisting –
the modern antivirus solution

IT security needs to fight the root causes, not the symptoms

IT security has become a problem as everyone has continued unchanged. In 2010, new threats appeared and antivirus solutions began to fight them. Complex analysis procedures and mechanisms are being developed to counter the threat.
As early as 2001, the founders of seculution recognized that we could not compete against new threats in this way. 

Pioneer and Trailblazer

We have not invented application whitelisting, but we have recognised how to make this principle usable. Our patented solution is unique and still groundbreaking today. With a single antivirus product, we enable companies to replace multiple security solutions at once. 
The seculution cloud enables low-maintenance and convenient maintenance of the whitelist at all times. In combination with the transparent administration of all functions, seculution today offers the most modern protection against any form of malware.

Innovation Whitelist

The whitelisting principle sets seculution apart from other products in the antivirus family. Without complex procedures for analyzing and blocking attacks, a whitelist for software allows you to concentrate on what counts, a smoothly functioning infrastructure without unwanted or malicious software.

Satisfied customers

Our customers trust in our solution. The average customer has been with us for over 10 years. Virus scanners with blacklisting are often replaced, depending on which manufacturer is ahead or offers the latest technologies for supposedly secure defense against current threats. We are familiar with the requirements that networks in the healthcare sector, local government or in a wide variety of industries place on security solutions and are constantly developing our solution further with this knowledge.
Because only together with our customers can we work on a secure and modern solution for the future.


Come to the light side

Learn to use the power of the whitelist to your advantage.

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