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„All successful attacks of the past 24 months would have been prevented by simple measures such as application whitelisting.“
David Hogue, Technical Director NSA CTOC

Application whitelisting is without a doubt the best protection against unwanted software. Anything that is not on the whitelist cannot be started.
seculution combines this protection with minimal administrative effort.

More effective than any Virus-Scanner:

An antivirus solution such as seculution is significantly more effective through whitelisting than so-called Next Generation products that rely solely on blacklisting, machine learning, heuristics or signature-based detection.
Anything not on the whitelist cannot be started.

We guarantee it!

Whitelist advantage

Watch the video to find out why an antivirus solution with application whitelisting is outperforming the established blacklisting of virus scanners. With seculution you get the most powerful antivirus protection in the industry.

Some happy clients:

„Imagine that for years you will suffer pain that gets worse every day.

One day someone will give you a pill and you will be relieved from the pain instantly.”

„In my opinion, the whitelisting principle is the sedative for administrators.

I am really very happy to be able to work with the system. It helps me save a lot of effort and lets me sleep better.”

„I was worried that creating and maintaining a whitelist of trusted applications and devices would be a lot of work.

But that wasn't a problem at all. Everything was up and running in a few hours.”

Awards for the seculution GmbH

Would you like to know more?

Test seculution Application Whitelisting conveniently thanks to our no-questions-asked cancellation policy of eight weeks!

  • Minimal administrative overhead thanks to the seculution-Cloud.
  • Protection against all unknown executable files, DLLs, JavaCode and even USB devices.
  • Encryption with Crypto Ransomware of any kind is no longer possible with seculution.
  • Security gaps such as Meltdown, Spectre or Eternalblue are protected by the seculution whitelist even without patch.
  • Full support during the test phase.

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