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Why should I use Application-Whitelisting as an antivirus solution?

„Application whitelisting should be used to ensure that only allowed programs and scripts are executed.“ 

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) 2018
Basic protection Compendium 2018

Application Whitelisting vs Antivirus Blacklisting

What is the reason behind successful Application-Whitelisting?

seculution is a modern antivirus product and offers far more protection than virus scanners can ever provide.
For example, seculution's finely tuned application control provides much more than just computer protection against malware. The reason for the superior protection is the principle of application whitelisting.


The secure and reliable defense against any unwanted software is Application-Whitelisting.  While a virus scanner defines and blacklists what is forbidden and allows everything unknown, a whitelist defines what is used for work. Everything else cannot be started.
In this way, all malware is automatically blocked. This protection cannot be overcome by constant modifications of the malware. The verification method based on hashes makes it impossible to use cryptographic methods to generate malware that uses the hash of software that has been defined as trustworthy.


Since malware has been specifically modified to remain undetected, virus scanners have lost tremendous efficacy. A blacklist can only be used to block everything that is already known - be it a certain malware or a certain behavior. If the malware and its behavior are not known to the virus scanner, it can cause undisturbed damage to the network.
The fact is that hundreds of networks are attacked by malware every day, even though state-of-the-art virus scanners maintain up-to-date blacklists and perform complex behavior-based analyses.
As a result, the number of successful attacks continues to rise, as the Identity Theft Resource Center's surveys have shown for over 10 years.

„Everywhere we've installed seculution, something like Locky can never happen to us again.“

Bernd Zimmer
IT Department, Lukas Hospital Neuss

Next generation is the past

With seculution Application-Whitelisting you can replace your classic antivirus software. Even solutions with complex and often costly extensions such as deep learning malware detection, next generation anti-ransomware and anti-exploit technology are superfluous with a software whitelist.

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