Quality without compromises

In Werl, North Rhine-Westphalia, seculution Application Whitelisting saw the light of day over 20 years ago.
Since then, our solution has been continuously developed here and our support is also based here.

German product

The only non-German aspect to seculution is the OpenBSD operating system on which it was programmed. All components installed on it are of German origin - designed and implemented by our staff in Werl.

German Support

Outsourcing technology support to low-cost providers from abroad? Not an option for seculution! Our support staff speak German and understand your concerns immediately. This is how we create local jobs and contribute to the regional value chain.

German database

The data center that houses our cloud-based database with hashes of trusted software is located in Frankfurt am Main.
This TrustLevel database is maintained exclusively by seculution GmbH employees.

Virus protection from Westphalia

"Made in Germany" has been a hallmark of quality for decades.
This also applies to antivirus products.

While competitors from overseas or Asia lure with ever cheaper offers or German providers outsource their support in order to minimize costs, seculution remains true to its roots and thus also to its quality standards.

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