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The reports and tests listed here are all from actual users who describe their own experiences and points of criticism. We have no influence on the content of the reports.

„The program I enjoy the most over here.“ 

Volker Kliewe
Head of IT Department - St. Elisabeth-Hospital Beckum

FAC'T GmbH Facility Management Partner emerged from the technical department of a single hospital. Today, with more than 1,600 employees, the company is one of the largest facility management partners in the German healthcare sector. The company provides operational services to more than 170 facilities, including more than 70 hospitals. 
The St. Elisabeth Hospital in Beckum, which has been in existence for more than 150 years, is a standard care hospital with 228 beds. With 350 employees, the facility treats around 16,000 patients a year. 

IT manager Volker Kliewe and his staff are the first of FAC'T GmbH's 70 hospitals to support a network with around 300 clients and describe his experiences with seculution as an antivirus solution in an interview.

„In our experience, seculution's support is 100 percent reliable.“ 

Bernhard Wiedemann
Head of Information and Communication Technology, Landshut District Office

On 8 February 2016, suddenly there was hardly anything left in Dettelbach's municipal administration - malware had been activated that had entered the system as an attachment to an e-mail. The data on the servers was encrypted, a display on the screen prompted payment of a ransom. This was not to happen to the Landshut District Office - thanks to seculution's application whitelisting. 

In May 2018, Bernhard Wiedemann, head of the department, was available to the „Behördenspiegel“ for a detailed interview. He answered questions about his reasons for using an alternative antivirus solution as well as about the commissioning of the seculution solution.

„We took a look at the software and then decided quite quickly,
that we want to use it.“ 

Jan Lutz
IT Departmen, Lukas Hospital Neuss

Due to a Locky attack, the Lukas Hospital in Neuss became tragically famous at the beginning of 2016. With its twelve specialist departments, the facility is an important service provider in and around Neuss. The academic teaching hospital of the University of Düsseldorf has 537 beds and treats 28,500 inpatients and 80,000 outpatients annually. The virus attack and its consequences had a considerable impact on the operation of the Lukas Hospital.
Bernd Zimmer and Jan Lutz from the IT department explain in the report both the measures taken and the conversion to seculution's application whitelisting solution.

„The way of execution, the short time required for implementation and the well thought-out application convinced us that seculution is the right choice.“ 

IT-Administrator Magazin
Issue 03/2017 from Site 17

The professional magazine IT-Administrator has published a detailed test of seculution in issue 3/2017. It should be pointed out that this test was not commissioned by us, but that the magazine independently requested a test version from us. After a standard training, which we carry out with each installation at our customers, the magazine tested extensively and requested no further support from our team. We had no influence, the result was a really honest article. Unlike many "tests" in (other) trade magazines, no fees were paid.
We are delighted and proud that the editors of a trade magazine are also fully convinced of seculution! We would like to thank you very much for the opportunity to prove our services fairly.

„The sedative for administrators.“ 

Ralf Plomann
Head of IT - Hospital Group St. Rochus GmbH

With 590 beds, the St. Mary's Hospital in Luenen is one of the largest Catholic hospitals in the Ruhr area and Muenster region. From a total of 16 specialist departments, 20,000 in-patients and almost 40,000 out-patients are treated annually in the main facility with shares of maximum care. The responsible IT manager, Ralf Ploman, gives his experience for you in the report.


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