In many cases, seculution is eligible for funding!

Optimal IT security is becoming increasingly important in a digital world; even many politicians have now recognized this. To name a few examples of subsidization programs, there are the "NHS Capital Investment Fund" in the United Kingdom, the french "Fonds d’intervention régional" (FIR) and the "Fondo de Cohesión Sanitaria" in Spain. Your country may have a program for subsidizing IT security measures, too!

Many of our customers already managed to save money by taking advantage of such subsidization opportunities. We're eager to help you do the same! Contact us and we'll see how we can advise or assist you in that regard.

What are you waiting for?

We will gladly assist you with your individual funding options!

Should you not qualify for any of these subsidy programs, we will still try to find the best way to make the use of seculution Application Whitelisting as economical as possible for you. 

You would first like to find out how seculution protects your network from malware in the best possible way before you think about financing? Then take advantage of our evaluation option with an extra long, free cancellation period or make an appointment for a personal live presentation! 

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