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Not only does our antivirus solution provide optimal protection for our customers' data; as a company, we also place particular importance on ensuring that sensitive data remains protected. For this reason, we will only be providing a limited amount of information about our customers.

For this reason, you will find a brief outline of the most important areas from which a large proportion of our customers originate.

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Our strongest sectors

Public administration, healthcare, industry: Where many of our customers are found

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Counties, cities and municipalities: the backbone of public administration. One of our many customers in the public sector is the city of Paderborn - and it has been for over 15 years! Since then, not a single successful malware attack has occurred. "Our city administration is connected to a data center with over 5,000 devices, so the additional IT security is a decisive advantage," says Marcus Ammann, IT administrator at the city of Paderborn.

Hospitals and hospital networks: without perfect IT security, they are popular targets. Due to a Locky attack, the Lukaskrankenhaus in Neuss gained sad notoriety at the beginning of 2016. The virus attack and its consequences had a significant impact on clinical operations.

After the attack, it was clear - a new security solution was needed! Download the report on switching to seculution Application Whitelisting here.

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SMEs and industrial companies: save the economy from immense damage. "Imagine having pain for years that gets worse every day. One day, someone gives you a pill that you pop, and within a short time you're permanently relieved of the agony." This is how Jochen Pflesser, specialist manager ICT infrastructure/security at BOGE Kompressoren, describes his company's switch to seculution Application Whitelisting. The company, which has around 850 employees, places its complete trust in us when it comes to IT security.


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